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Firm Overview

Ohio Consumer Protection Law Firm

I use all of my talents and skills while working as bankruptcy and consumer protection lawyer with persons from the Northeastern Ohio Area.

I remind all my clients that bankruptcy is not about loss and failure so much as it is about giving you protection from your creditors and allowing you a fresh start. If you are thinking about filing a consumer bankruptcy but hesitating, because you wonder what you will have to "give up," consider: where will you be in five years if you do NOT file for bankruptcy? OR: where could you be in five years if you got a fresh start by eliminating your crushing debts and starting with a clean slate?

I can show you how to protect your 401K, your home, and much more. Please take time before you get the 401(k) loan, before cashing in your retirement, before the home refinance and before the second mortgage. Your retirement is protected from your creditors and you need it. Your home can be protected in a bankruptcy. The second mortgage, or mortgage refinance, takes easily dischargeable debt and glues it to your home.

Cleveland Small Business Bankruptcy Attorney OH

Whether you are an individual or representing a small business in need of bankruptcy counsel, assistance and representation, I take pride in a job well done. I will only take your case if you are honest and it can be done right. I'm reassuring and empathetic to your problems, but I never loose sight of the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code, and I can help keep your focus on obtaining a fresh start.

Consumer Protection Law Firm

Contact me today if you are ready to find out I can help you with your bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or tax discharge case.