Business Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy

How Can A Cleveland Business Bankruptcy Attorney Help Your Small Business in These Troubled Times?

Small business bankruptcy is expected to be on the rise in the near future as companies of all sizes across the USA struggle with financial difficulties in these troubled times. How can you benefit from the advice and services of a Cleveland small business bankruptcy? Protecting your business interests is your top priority and a chapter 11 bankruptcy, chapter 13 case, or a chapter 7 filing can help you do that!

Whether your goal is reorganization so that your business can continue to operate during restructuring, or liquidation for debt relief is what you are looking for, the best Cleveland small business business bankruptcy lawyer can help you get the desired outcome and the debt relief that you need and want.

Who can File for Small Business Bankruptcy?

In order to determine whether your business qualifies to file for a small business bankruptcy you need to consult with an experienced Cleveland business lawyer. LLC, limited partnerships, sole proprietorship, corporations, and other corporate structures may qualify for bankruptcy protection.

There are many different factors that can impact whether or not you will be successful and gain the desired outcome.  These factors can include:

  • How your company is structured.
  • Whether the company will continue to operate or will be liquidated instead.
  • Whether you can be held personally liable for any business debts owed.
  • The amount of debt owed by the business.
  • The types of debt your business has.

Which Bankruptcy Chapter Offers My Business A Fresh Financial Start?

If the goal for your business is reorganization then a chapter 11 bankruptcy, or a chapter 13 bankruptcy in a small number of cases, is usually the best choice. If liquidation and eliminating the company is the goal then a chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the right path to take.

The right Cleveland business bankruptcy lawyer can help you figure out which chapter of the bankruptcy code will give you the best possible results, while protecting your business assets as much as possible. There are numerous requirements for each chapter of the bankruptcy code, and you may qualify for more than one.

Could A Small Business Bankruptcy Impact My Personal Credit?

In some situations filing for small business bankruptcy protection could affect your personal credit score as someone with an interest in the company. The right Cleveland business bankruptcy attorney will work with you to determine the best way to protect your interests and your credit, and help you get the debt relief that you desperately need.

How to Choose the Right Cleveland Business Bankruptcy Lawyer for Your Case.

When it comes to small business bankruptcy not all Cleveland business lawyers are the same. You need someone with years or even decades of experience in this legal specialty, someone who knows the ropes, the common mistakes made, and the local players. Someone who has the experience and knowledge needed to get you results, and much needed debt relief.


You also need an attorney that you are comfortable with, because you will have to spend considerable time with this professional going over your financial records, debt details, and other relevant factors that need to be documented and verified.

The right business bankruptcy lawyer in Cleveland will examine your specific circumstances and situation, and then help you decide which chapter of the bankruptcy code will give you the results you are hoping for or whether another type of debt relief may be more appropriate in your case.


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